A Wild Adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom

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It’s hard to believe that gamers are just two weeks away from the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The Universal and Illumination animated feature based on the popular Nintendo franchise of the same name debuts in theaters in early April. Because of that, the marketing for the film is racing towards an explosive finish with a ton of new teasers, tv spots, toys, and images. Now a new batch of images for the film takes old and new fans alike on a tour of the coveted Mushroom Kingdom.

The seven images, posted to Super Mario Bros. various social media pages, feature a Goomba looking like they’re taking a selfie in front of Peach’s castle, the giant mushrooms that make up the appropriately titled kingdom, Mario (Chris Pratt) being hilariously attacked by a Cheep Cheep, and a group of Toads collecting some of the franchise’s signature gold coins. Another image sees Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) leading the charge with Mario and Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) on a bridge that looks ripped straight out of a beach level from a classic 2D Super Mario platformer. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice a Cheep Cheep jumping out of the water towards Mario which is most likely the moment before he gets attacked by the iconic enemy in the previously mentioned image. The last two images see our title hero interacting with warp pipes. One of the classic green varieties where it appears Mario has seen better days must be his first time, and the other of a clear pipe which debuted in 2013’s Super Mario 3D World.


What’s the Plot of The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

While the Super Mario games have never been known for their award-winning plots, the film’s story will follow the Mario Bros.’ first adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. For unknown reasons, Mario and Luigi (Charlie Day) get transported to this famous location, getting separated in the process. Luigi gets captured by the evil Bowser (Jack Black) who’s not only looking for Mario, he also wants to take over the entire Mushroom Kingdom. This leads to Mario requesting help from Princess Peach to save his brother. Peach assembles an army that includes Toad, Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and the extended Kong family, and various other recognizable characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. In addition, to give them an edge, they assemble karts from Mario Kart to bring the war to the dreaded King Koopa himself.

When does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Release?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases everywhere in theaters on April 5, 2023. From all the marketing we’ve seen so far, which has been spectacular to say the least, it appears that Mario’s cinematic comeback will be a nostalgic love letter to the franchise. These new images only drive that point down Rainbow Road even further. While Mario fans anxiously wait for the film, you can view the fresh batch of images down below.

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