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About Mario Games

Mario games were once the most popular. These games are called cult, and Mario himself is considered one of the most famous fictional characters in the world. Mario’s current games, of course, are not at all like the ones your parents used to play. They have become more colorful, interesting, and entertaining. But despite those changes, the main character remains the same: the wonderful Mario wanders around his virtual world, collecting mushrooms and other bonuses, knocking bricks with his head to get coins, and jumping on turtles to throw them off his road.

Mario games have always had one single goal—to travel through the entire Mushroom Kingdom to save the wonderful princess from the captivity of the king of turtles. On the journey, Mario is often assisted by his brother Luigi, who in many ways resembles his older brother, and is just as fearless and agile.

Mario, the main character, was a simple plumber who conquered the entire planet in a fairly short time. Even more impressively, this game is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling game in the history of computer games. And the level of interest of boys and girls has not decreased since the release of the game in 1985, and still remains quite high.

It is likely that Mario’s games are so loved by the kids because they are very kind—even Mario’s fights are kind. He shoots hot cakes and he deals with enemies in the most humane ways.

On our site we offer several varieties of Mario games for you to explore and enjoy. There are puzzles, coloring books, logical games, and even culinary games. But most of all there are Mario’s branded walkers with mushrooms and coins, snails and porcupines, as well as wild carnivorous plants sticking out of water pipes.

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