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Pettra has been slowly building a reputation of an interesting and diverse artist, releasing in the last 4 years with Hommega, Up Records, Iono Music, BMSS and other labels and collaborating with artists such as Animato, Azax and Mayumana (a world wide recognized avangard percussive musical theatrical group). He just teamed up with successful The Voice graduate, Benaia Barabi for a new collaboration accompanied by a special concept video clip and fusing desert ethnic vibes with Psytrance music.
We hooked up with the two via email to learn more about the project.

Watch the Anna video clip: 

Q: Who is Pettra? Why the name?

Jonathan: I’m Jonathan Schreiber from Jerusalem, 29 years old. Petra is a special and important history city in Jordan. I visited there 10 years ago at the Red Rock, and it was a moment I will never forget. It inspired the name for the project.

Q: What is the musical vision behind your music?

Jonathan: When I create music I think of the desert. I basically create the music I would like to dance to in the desert.

Anna – it’s a combination of long time friendship and the love to music. It’s a combination of various different music genres, that connects the ethnic groove with the world of trance

Q: Do you remember the first party you went to? Were you hooked at once? Any interesting story?

Jonathan: The first party I went to was Strawberry Fields Festival in Australia. I was 21 and it was my first time in a party in nature. There was a huge sound system, and I was in awe. It sounded like the most beautiful thing I had ever heard, and I danced in the same spot for 24 hours, surviving only on bananas, dates and water.
Benaia: Years ago I was in a trance party for 3 days in Northern Thailand. It was an unforgettable experience.

Pettra live

Q: Do you feel your first party experiences are still reflected in your music today?

Benaia: There is no doubt that the feeling of joy from that time still has an impact on the music I create today.
Jonathan: In general I think that everything I experience is reflected in my music. Even the smallest things, everything you eat, you touch, you read, it all is a part of you and it is all reflected in music.

Q: You have a new release – Anna – tell us about it.

Benaia: Anna – it’s a combination of long time friendship and the love to music. It’s a combination of various different music genres, that connects the ethnic groove with the world of trance
Jonathan: Anna is first a reunion of two close friends, that both love music and dancing in the desert. The track was born spontaneously. It was a shared journey for Benaya and myself, it was very powerful and joyful.

Free Download Pettra & Benaia Barabi – Anna: 

Q: The release also comes with a special video clip – how was it created?

Jonathan: It was very clear for both of us that we wanted to film it and add another artistic dimension beyond the music. We recruited Amit Azriel, who is an amazing man and a super professional video artist, and together we created a shared world.

Benaia Barabi live

Q: Future plans?

Benaia: My plans to the future are to keep working hard, to make new music and connect musically between different worlds, and maybe create new ones!
Jonathan: This year is very exciting for me, I am honored to collaborate with 6 artists that I really appreciate and respect from the Psytrance world and beyond it: another track with Benaia, and tracks with Pixel, Freedom Fighters, Anna RF (a very special Electro-Ethnic-Reggae band), Raynosaurus and Bizzare Contact.

More Pettra: https://www.facebook.com/Pettra.Official/
More Banaia Barabi: https://www.facebook.com/benaia.barabi/

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