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Teresa - ALL (2) And Descendents - Live Plus One (CD, Album)

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Teresa - ALL (2) And Descendents - Live Plus One (CD, Album)

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Museum staff preparing prototype of Diana's wedding dress. Diana wearing lacy Galliano dress New York, 12 Dec. Diana wearing cream lace dress Washington, 25 June Diana wearing black sequined dress London, 2 Jan Britain's Princess Diana won the title "Princess of Whales" - after she boarded a boat to go whale watching off the Patagonia coast.

On the third day of her visit to Argentina, the Princess also met the descendants of Welsh farmers who settled in the region in the late 19th century. But while the whales appeared friendly enough, not all of the Teresa - ALL (2) And Descendents - Live Plus One (CD were prepared to welcome her. The whales were clearly enjoying the winter sunshine. So was the Princess of Wales, who had traveled to Patagonia to enjoy a day off after two days of hectic charity work and socialising in Buenos Aires.

The Princess declined the offer of a life-jacket, aware perhaps that even here, in one of the world's remotest spots, she is still being scrutinised by the camera lens. This bay at Puerto Piramide is renowned for sightings of the endangered Southern Right whale. The whales seemed unabashed by the invasion of the Princess's motor launch - and the two press crafts that circled Diana as she circled the whales.

It was yet another perfect photo opportunity. Having been photographed with paralysed children and cancer sufferers, the Princess, was now being photographed with another good cause -- endangered whales. After visiting the whales, Princess Diana visited the region's Welsh community. The thousand strong community has earned the region the nick-name Little Wales. Welsh settlers landed here over a century ago -- a years later and most of their descendants seemed delighted by the Princess of Wales's visit.

Others were less enthusiastic though. For them, the Princess represents the English establishment - the very people who drove their ancestors to Patagonia long ago. That's the reason that we didn't welcome her here.

Highlight of Diana's tour of the Welsh community was her visit to the small town of Gaiman, which has retained much of its Welsh character. But even in Patagonia, the Princess couldn't escape those who haven't forgotten the war over the Falkland Islands - known as the Malvinas in Argentina. Although Britain and Argentina restored diplomatic relations inthe sovereignty of the South Atlantic islands remains in dispute.

Princess Diana's visit was only the third by a member of Britain's royal family since the war. But her successful trip will go some way to improve relations between the former enemies.

Puerto Piramide. Trelew, Argentina. Gaiman, Argentina. Protestors carrying banners reading "Malvinas- Argentina". Princess Diana visited an infant paralysis centre in Buenos Aires on the first day of her tour of Argentina. Diana arriving at the Alpi association for the prevention of infant paralysis. The Princess of Wales has met Argentinean President Carlos Menem on the second day of her unofficial visit to the country. The meeting - the most politically sensitive engagement of Princess Diana's trip - is a sign of improving diplomatic relations between Britain and Argentina.

The two countries went to war over the Falkland Islands in Officially the Princess is on a four-day working visit at the invitation of a charity. However her high-profile trip is seen as paving the way for President Menem's forthcoming visit to Britain. On the Princess' second day in the Argentine capital, a break from the exhaustive round of hospital and charity visits. Princess Diana gets out and is met by President Carlos Menem - they shake hands and walk in. Princess Diana, President Menem and President Menem's daughter in white dress come out onto the steps for photo call.

Diana was also remembered on Sunday in a service held in her local church, St Mary Abbots, the parish church for her Kensington Palace residence, where its curate spoke candidly about the Princess and her memory. It was a far cry from the sea of flowers that covered the gates last year - but hundreds lined the village street outside the church to cheer and welcome the royal family.

A second royal Daimler carried the Queen Mother. The Royal party, arriving for the Sunday service, entered their local Crathie church through a side door. Many people, including tourists from abroad, arrived bearing bouquets of flowers and small gifts.

They expressed their grief and remembered the late Princess fondly. It was so sad about Diana. I'll never get over it. She was gorgeous. I think people should still be grieving for her. The young princes will return to Crathie village church on Monday for a private service in memory of their mother.

The Blairs will also be in attendance. The boys were vacationing at Balmoral when they were awakened in the early morning hours of September 1st and told that their mother had been killed in a car crash. Tribute was also being paid to the late Princess in London. St Mary Abbots church is the local parish church for Kensington Palace, Diana's home for the last year of her life.

The curate, Frank Gelli, praised the memory of Diana in the morning service - the day before the anniversary of her death. Well, I'm not one of them. I was actually fond of Princess Diana and I do cherish her memory and think she was a person who did a tremendous amount of good". The church was a focus for mourners following Diana's death, and staff there believe it will be again, one year on. Meanwhile hundreds of people have been gathering outside Kensington Palace to pay tribute to the Princess.

And flowers were also being laid outside Althorp - the ancestral home of the late Princess Diana. Diana's brother and sisters and their families plan to mark the anniversary at Althorp, where the princess is buried on an island.

For many, the first anniversary of Princess Diana's death is an occasion for great mourning and reflection. For others, it will be more of a tourist spectacle.

Balmoral - U-K - August 30,St. Balmoral - U-K - August 30, Arrival of Royal convoy inside grounds to Crathie Church, close Balmoral estate. Althorp - U-K - August 30 Wide shot of Althorp, the Spencers' ancestral home. Medium shot crowd of people waiting to enter Althorp. AP AP Images. Welcome Guest. Sign in or Register. AP Annual Reviews. AP Annual Entertainment Reviews. Location Stockshots. North Korea. Space Exploration. Universal Annual Reviews. Universal Newsreels. US Presidential Elections Vietnam War.

Range From To. Clear All Filters. Search Results for query 'Princess Diana'. Narrow your search results:. Date: Clear All filters. From: To: OR Decade: s s s s s s s s s s s s s s. Apply Clear Dates. People: results. See all. Subject: results. Sources: 33 results. Princess Diana Prince Charles Prince William Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth II Kate Middleton Camilla Parker-Bowles Meghan Markle Prince Philip Elton John Charles Spencer Tony Blair Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew Andrew Morton Prince George Prince Paul Burrell Marilyn Monroe Prince Edward Gianni Versace Bill Clinton Princess Anne Princess Charlotte Michael Jackson Nelson Mandela Catherine Walker Naomi Campbell Hillary Clinton Mario Testino George Clooney Joss Stone David Cameron Wallis Simpson Alexander McQueen John Travolta Elizabeth Taylor Michael Middleton Monica Lewinsky Kate Moss Elizabeth II John Paul Stevens Elizabeth Emanuel Winston Churchill Bruce Oldfield Zandra Rhodes When you feel at ease you can come back to the problem and try to solve it in a relaxed manner.

Don't let your anger get the better of you, but Answer the questions. You work at the j sports centre and the manager has asked you I to write a report making some suggestions, j Write your report. The aim of this report is to suggest ways of improving Malvern Sports Centre in order to attract more young people.

The decor and some of the facilities are in need of being updated. Firstly, I would recommend that the centre be redecorated in a modern style and that the changing facilities be refurbished, in particular the showers. Doing this would make the centre more attractive to young people.

Although the centre offers a good range of activities, they are not appealing enough to young people. More exciting sports like indoor climbing and trampolining would probably attract more interest.

Furthermore, the sports hall is underused. The addition of modern fitness classes, such as Zumba, would undoubtedly be popular with younger customers. The centre is not very well-known in the community. For this reason, I would suggest an open day. This would allow young people to try out the facilities before joining.

In addition, we could advertise events on social media sites. This is an inexpensive way of attracting younger customers. All in all, I feel that improved decor and facilities, new activities and better publicity would certainly attract more young people to the centre. Which heading do they match? What will its purpose be? What style will you write in? You do some voluntary work at a local children's hospital and the director wants to make it a more pleasant place for the children.

You have been asked by the director to write a report making some suggestions. Write your report words. I would suggest that an indoor playroom be made. Plan Para 1: state purpose and content of report Paras discuss each point under subheadings Para 5: summarise main points, give your opinion and recommendations!

Read the rest of the text to find out. Peta Bee reports on the exercise routine that is packing New York's gyms. The creators of this craze -Dr Paul Jurvis and Lashaun Dale - believe that exercise can benefit from being very chaotic - changing from one workout to the next. The idea is to get fitter and smarter at the same time.

The class begins with some ordinary running or skipping before becoming a lot more disorderly! In one of the tasks, 30 helium balloons are released up to the ceiling and then class participants have to get them down as quickly as they can. It doesn't matter how they do it because it all works their bodies and minds. Participants breathe through drinking straws while doing abdominal exercises and a yellow flag signals that class members must sprint to one side of the room and stand on a letter X on the floor.

Participants also have to make a 'human ladder' in which two rows of people each hold a weighted body bar' so that someone can climb across the top. Many of the moves are unlike anything even the most enthusiastic gym goer will have seen or tried before.

If you always do the same workout, your mind and your muscles get bored. Sport is different; you never know in which direction you will have to turn, jump or run. This class attempts to copy that. At the start of the newly launched class I took part in, there were 15 participants but an hour later there were just 5. The rest had dropped out, exhausted. At times. I thought my lungs were going to explode.

But just when I thought I would have to join the dropouts, something strange happened -1 actually began to enjoy myself, maybe even enough to go along to the next class!

According to health But not only that, it is also being called a 'super food. So if you You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Danny. I'm on the school football team.

At the moment, we're training every day after school because we have a big match very soon. What sports do you play at your school and which is your favourite? What type of sport do you prefer - team sports or individual sports? How do you keep fit? Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions. When Andy meets Sarah, he A asks if she's been doing anything new.

C invites her to the community centre. Andy says that capoeira players A don't hurt their opponents. C are talented musicians. Andy says that beginners need to A know another martial art. C take time to learn the basics. Andy started capoeira classes because A he wanted to work out more. C his friends had recommended it. The community centre A stopped people joining capoeira classes. C has two capoeira classes a week. Sarah says that she A will go with Andy on Monday.

C will sign up for Thursday's class. What points does the student make? Does the student successfully complete all parts of the task? Does the student talk for the correct amount of time? What questions does the examiner ask? Do you agree with the student's answers?

Then brainstorm words related to the topic. The gym hasn't been doing very well recently and the manager has asked you to write a report suggesting ways to attract new members. What suggestions could you make for improvements?

Use the answers in Ex. Collocations Fill in: splitting, kick, deep, wide, tone, breath, personal, heart, laughter, portions, life. Read through Module 3 and mark the statements T true or F false. Then write a similar quiz of your own. Acupuncture is a health 5 The Kakahi Falls is in New problem. Insomnia means difficulty 6 Laughter yoga was started in in falling asleep. You need a harness and an 7 Stress can lead to high blood elastic rope to go CaniX racing Aerial yoga helps to tone our 8 Endorphins make a person feel muscles.

Which could: boost the immune system? Read again and match headings A-H with paragraphs Find out: what it's called, how it can benefit your health. How do we form the passive? When do we use it? Rewrite the sentences in the passive. Canadians celebrate Winterlude every year in Ottawa. People rent sleighs to go along the canal. Artists have created amazing ice sculptures. They will set off fireworks in the evening. Visitors can attend an outdoor venue concert this year. They held the festival over the first three weeks of February.

It's a festival people should not miss. They say the Mayor will attend the parade. Use the lists to present the festivals to the class as live TV commentaries. Which festival would you like to visit most? Which of these jobs can you see in the pictures? Where are you? What can you see?

How do you feel? That's exactly what professional trapeze artist Chun Mee Sing did when she was just five years old. Taken by her aunt to see a travelling circus which passed through her small town in southwest China early in the spring ofChun Mee became immediately fixated on the idea of becoming a travelling performer.

Her talent at the school was such that she was expected to go onto great things. At Today, Chun Mee is one of their star acts, flying through the air; defying gravity; living the dream she imagined as a little girl. Trapeze artistry is not a job for the faint-hearted. Mental toughness and natural talent are also 70 key.

Chun Mee had these qualities right from the very beginning. Is it as carefree and glamorous as it appears from the outside? As for the downside, Chun Mee identifies the long work hours, constant travelling and aches and pains that are all part of her profession.

There is one extra sentence you do not need to use. Chun Mee also speaks of the thrill of performing in front of a live audience. She took ballet classes, acting lessons, gymnastics classes - anything to hone her craft. Of all the acts, Chun Mee was most captivated by the trapeze artists. But for Chun Mee, the adrenaline of aerial performance is better than anything a regular job could offer.

Her eyes were Her road to Persistence is The acrobat was able to Her powerful emotional voice inspires GR; QranurtQT.

How do the two passive structures differ? People thought that the stunt was impossible. His show The fire eater Your partner is Sing. Prepare questions and answers, then act out your interview for the class. Use the key words: circus jobs. What is Royal Ascot? What do you think people do, wear there?

It takes place over five days every June at a racecourse Racehorses have Today, Royal Ascot is a marvellous day However, training for such a prestigious race is not easy. The Ascot racecourse is Ip- Racing isn't Teresa - ALL (2) And Descendents - Live Plus One (CD only thing that On a day Race-goers have to follow a strict dress code comprising of a formal day dress with a hat for women and a suit with a shirt and tie for men.

Every lady aims to make a fashion For questionsdecide which answer A-D best Album) each gap. Find out about a famous sporting event in your country.

Write a short article about it, then read it to the class. Have you attended any? What did you wear? I recently went to a wedding.

I wore The sentences are from a dialogue between two friends. What do you think the dialogue is about? That style really suits you!

I've been invited to the company's annual dance next Saturday. I was hoping you could give me a hand picking an outfit. Sure, I'd love to! What's the dress code? It's strictly formal. I'll need something quite classy. Do you like this one? That's nice. Turquoise always looks great on you. It brings out your eyes.

I love the colour, but it's a bit too short. You're right. How about this one, then? I love the pattern and the cut! Oh, that's absolutely lovely! I'll go and try it on. So, what do you think? I'll get it. How about these shoes? They match the dress perfectly. Yes they do! Intonation: compliments Album) 4r' Listen and say, then use the phrases to act out exchanges, as in the example. Is it new? B: Oh thanks, I just bought it yesterday, etc Speaking g You are going to a ball and you want to buy an outfit for it.

Act out a dialogue. Agree to help. Ask what the dress code is. Make a suggestion. Compliment B. Ask A if they like sth specific. Ask what A thinks. What do you think the article could be about?

If a passer-by sees a photo of a skeletal young girl Album) Manila pasted next to a bustling restaurant in Hong Kong and stops to think, then this piece of street art will serve its purpose.

This is the work of Kaid Ashton - a man who photographs the world's most dangerous slums and posts them in cities, turning the world into his very own art gallery.

Then, after university, he moved to Taiwan on a whim. He believes that poverty-stricken nooks and crannies make the heart of a city and are what give it its culture, flavour and colour. He has been refused taxi rides to these areas many times, but Ashton believes that the people who live there are the friendliest and most welcoming of all. Sometimes Ashton even asks them which city they want to be displayed in - Los Angeles is the most popular!

After capturing his unique, breathtaking photos, Ashton pastes enlarged prints of them in unexpected locations, such as train yards, slums, back streets He spends his days searching for perfect spots that either contrast with what is shown in the photos or compliment the colours in them.

One of his images, for instance, shows a poor Colombian boy picking through rubbish below a designer boutique sign. Ashton's current project in Hong Kong involves plastering a caption alongside the photo about the subject and their life situation, in both English and Chinese. Ul His aim is to make people think about poverty, even just for a moment. I 5 i JHe came across a group of 50 families living in shacks under a billboard and was appalled that these people had been left to survive with no running water, electricity or sanitation.

He realised that such poor communities would continue to live forgotten lives under motorways and beside railway tracks, without a voice, unless they were helped. This inspired him to start operating his first art workshop. For several months, Ashton held classes for groups of children including drawing, T-shirt painting and break-dancing followed by a hearty meal. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. A "If you tell someone a personal story of poverty," he explains, "they are more receptive to it".

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