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Karate: The Best Exercise for Your Kids Kids of today’s generation are too focused on technology at that spend most of their hours indoors locked in front of their television sets, laptops or cellphones. It is common knowledge, though, that being active and exercising are very much needed to improve and maintain a kid’s overall health and wellness despite the fact that kids today are more interested in staying indoors. Because of this, parents should be more inclined to get their kids off the couch and encourage more physical activities and improve their social skills too in the process. Karate, which is a form of martial arts, is a superb way of getting your kids into exercising and doing some physical activity and at the same time encouraging socialization with other children. Karate truly offers many advantages for your children. For many parents, they see karate to be very violent thus they have reservations about letting their children learn this martial art. But, this does not appear to be true as research says that kids who practice karate do not in fact become aggressive or violent. Karate is in fact a worthwhile activity that allows children to have fun, maintain physical fitness and develop their focus. Taking a class in karate not only promotes body movements but also teaches self-discipline, honour and attention. Children are able to learn how to fight within controlled conditions and improve self-defense skills whilst promoting friendship and undivided observation of instructions from the sensei. Overtime, karate classes will build one’s character more than just learning how to fight.
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Everyone knows that taking karate classes will help improve the body and mind’s health. Increased physical activity does not only exercise the legs and arms but also the heart muscles improving its strength and promotes better distribution of oxygen through the entire body. Those who have practiced karate for years and are great at it have are more resilient and have more power in both mental and physical aspects. Being physically active prevents children from acquiring long term health concerns like obesity and health problems and also will keep them from being locked in front of computer screens that will in time may damage their eyes. Not only does the body become healthy, but through karate, the mind also becomes healthy. Kids become more confident and are happier about themselves and are able to develop better interpersonal relationship with others.
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Karate lessons are also a recommended activity for children who have behaviour issues. Parents with children who have attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity disorders will find that a few lessons of karate will improve their child’s attentiveness and help keep their focus. Karate allows these children not only to be able to express themselves in a productive way but also allows them to use up that pent up energy that keeps them from focusing from other aspects in their life. Finally, it is important that parents encourage physical activity for their children.